record year for Agefos PME

The commitments of the largest organizations collecting training funds increased by 20% in 2018 to exceed 1 billion euros.

While waiting to know its future, Agefos PME can show the satisfaction of the accomplished accomplishment: the biggest collecting organizations of the funds of the vocational training (OPCA), broke all its records in 2018. For the last exercise in its perimeter pre- Pénicaud reform, it committed more than 1 billion euros of training actions, 20% more than in 2017, which benefited 820,510 people.

"All training devices have turned full, even the contracts of professional security despite the decline in the number of redundancies", assures its managing director, Joel Ruiz. This is particularly the case of professionalization contracts - the other form of alternation with apprenticeships - for which Agefos PME has committed 350 million to 50,000 beneficiaries (+5,500). This is also the case for operational readiness for employment (44,000 funded, +13,000), a scheme that funds pre-employment training.

Employees also rushed to their personal training account (CPF). The OPCA had planned 35,000 mobilization requests. The 2018 financial year ended with more than 47,000 requests for a total amount of 140 million, forcing it to draw on mutual funds. "The climb was predictable, but not so much", says Joel Ruiz who expects a continuation of the craze.


How to explain these figures? The CEO of Agefos PME puts forward three reasons. Firstly, the announced end of certain devices, such as the CPF in hours, especially as some training organizations have not hesitated to play uncertainties linked to its change in euros, effective since January 1, to push employees to to use it.

Secondly, the strong demand for skills growth reflected by the enthusiasm for professionalization contracts.

Finally, last argument: any reform of vocational training requires three years before giving full. The 2018 vintage has thus benefited from the ramping up of the 2014 vintage. If we extrapolate this theorem to the Pénicaud reform, we should wait until 2022 for the OPCOs - which will replace the OPCAs - to fully carry out their new missions ...

Alain Ruello