Rafael Leao, the Mr. More of Losc

Rafael Leao has full confidence - F.Lo Presti / AFP

"Leao, Leao, Leao!" In the mixed zone, Christophe Galtier sang in a friendly room where Rafael Leao spoke to the press, while coach Lille has had enough to show the shape of his 19-year-old boy, Sporting this summer Portugal arrived,
Rafael Leao wins at the head of Lille's attack.

On Friday against Amiens (2-1), the Portuguese scored his fourth goal in the last four games, his fifth this season. "I've scored four goals in the last four games, so I'm very happy, it's important to me, it gives me extra motivation to keep working and doing my best," the player said at the end of the game.

He was one step ahead of Rémy and Fonte in the center forward position

Leao competed in the center-forward position with Loïc Rémy and Rui Fonte at the start of the season. "Rafael is making progress and working a lot, there are relationships being made with other players, he is present, effective in the surface, I think he has 7 terms and already 5 goals, the more scorers in the team, the better" says Christophe Galtier, coach of a
Losc is happy to count on a child with a future.