Oberliga coach Wübbenhorst countered: post by tail length on - football

Good that she has learned not only as a footballer to counter! Former Bundesliga player Imke Wübbenhorst (30) has been the first woman to coach a men's team in the Oberliga since Christmas Eve 2018.

The U19 European Champion wants to save BV Cloppenburg from relegation. With 16 Points the Team is in the Leagues Table of the Oberliga Niedersachsen.

No easy task - and not just athletic! Even though there has been a chancellor in Germany for a long time, gender equality is slowly becoming reality in other areas too - men's football is still shaped by sexism.

That also had to learn Wübbenhorst. The WORLD said: "Football will always be male-dominated. Even if society continues to change. "

So she had to actually ask from her environment, if she would wear a siren on her head, so that the men can quickly put on a pair of pants before she gets into the cabin. The deliberately niveaulose tough counterattack the coach: "Of course not. I am a pro. I'm posing for tail length. "

It is a thorny way for the first Oberliga coach. Cloppenburg boss Herbert Schröder raises concerns about the causes with regard to the WELT: "Maybe it's related to the man's macho mentality. You have to drop it. Only then you come to sober reviews. "

For the relegation Wübbenhorst has put on the training: five instead of three training sessions per week, plus video analysis. The assistant of their trainer will not be part of the relegation battle. He is said to have declared: I do not wear the hat after a woman ...