Motorola would relaunch the folding RAZR, one of the most iconic phones in the world

Motorola is developing a new version of its iconic RAZR folding phone, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The sources have indicated to the newspaper that the new smartphone will keep its appearance and main characteristic of the folding body. But nevertheless, the size and resolution of your screen is unknown. It also does not specify what design the cell phone will have.

It is expected that the announcement of the launch of the device will be made next month. In total, Lenovo, current owner of Motorola, expects to sell more than 200,000 copies of the new RAZR at an approximate price of $ 1,500.

The Motorola RAZR V3 was released in 2004. It had an unusual design at that time with two color screens and a keyboard made of a single piece of metal with electroluminescent backlighting. All the time, 130 million phones were sold of this model, and in 2006 Forbes magazine called it one of the most iconic cell phones in the world.

Later, Motorola produced other devices under the RAZR brand, but they had nothing in common with the V3.

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