Legendary German autobahns may be a thing of the past.

Currently, there are no speed limits on most roads in Germany. This fact, as well as the quality of the road surface, made the expression “German autobahn” a synonym for a first-class road. However, it is possible that in the near future the era of German routes without restrictions may become a thing of the past.

The fact is that the German authorities have instructed to work out recommendations for reducing the harm caused by transport to the environment. Among the proposals that have formed a special committee, increasing excise taxes on fuel, increasing the quota for electric cars and the introduction of speed limits on highways.

The document, which Reuters reviewed, is still a figure of 130 km / h. The increase in excise taxes, the abolition of tax breaks for diesel cars, as well as an increase in quotas for the sale of hybrid and electric cars is planned for 2023.

Recall that from September 1, a new car emission test standard (WLTP) came into force in Europe, which provides for testing vehicles for harmful emissions in real conditions. In addition, earlier EU authorities decided to drastically reduce carbon emissions by cars by 2030 - by 35%, gradually banning diesel cars and increasing the number of electric cars.