Jose Mourinho: I had three jobs, but I do not park the bus

Jose Mourinho said his desire to be back in management will return in March

Jose Mourinho says he has refused three vacancies since being dismissed as a Manchester United boss, and rejected criticism of the team's style of play.

The Portuguese (55) was dismissed in December after the club announced that there had been no progress in the results, style or development of young players.

Former United player Gary Neville said no-one should re-design his own philosophy at the club.

"Gary Neville does not know my philosophy," Mourinho told beIN Sports.

"My philosophy depends on it. I would like to go to a club and have [the same] Conditions that [Liverpool boss] Jürgen Klopp and [Manchester City manager] Pep Guardiola did it.

"I have already refused three jobs because I did not feel what I wanted."

Mourinho, who led Manchester United to the League and Europa League titles, has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the club as part of his payout, which means he can not speak about his departure.

As a studio guest, he spoke about beIN Sports on various topics, including:

  • As a player recently asked him not to be critical in training
  • How he does not turn off the bus
  • How he was not supported like Guardiola or Klopp
  • How the days of an "all-powerful manager" are over
  • How he hid in a laundry basket in 2005 for a Champions League draw

Mourinho was critical of Marcus Rashford, but the striker has scored five goals in played games since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the coach's position

"One player asked me not to criticize him during training"

At various points Mourinho criticized the winger Anthony Martial, the back-up Luke Shaw and the striker Marcus Rashford, who was reborn under interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

He outlined, however, how a player asked to be criticized in training, which Mourinho felt as a sign of too sensitive modern players.

"Recently, when I coached a player, he told me, and he was very polite." Please, if you criticize me, you can do it privately, "he said.

"I told him why because of my size I do not feel well in front of the other players if you criticize me".

"Today you have to be very smart about how to read your players and try to create the best situation.

He confronted the situation with former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, with whom he worked at Stamford Bridge when he won the Premier League twice in 2005 and 2006.

"With Drogba, he's the kind of player who puts more pressure on the manager, the more quality in his performance," Mourinho added.

"There are some players who respond in the best way when you press them.

"There are other mentalities and personalities, and the reaction is not the best." They were educated in a different way, a simpler social life, the achievement of the highest level of football, everything came too easily for them.

"Some of them do not react in the same way Certain moments, some strong public words, some of them have some risk."

Mourinho suggested that Klopp and Guardiola have received better "support" since joining their respective clubs

Manchester City and Liverpool are "well supported"

Mourinho said his philosophy depended on the team he led, but rejected the allegations that his teams were defensive or "parked the bus."

He quoted the football he had played during his first assignment with Chelsea and said, "You know when [parking the bus] Call started?

"It was when I won the championship at Real Madrid with 100 points and 106 goals - the record of Spanish football."

He also hinted that he was not as well supported as Guardiola and Klopp.

This is despite a transfer fee of £ 89m for Paul Pogba and £ 75m for striker Romelu Lukaku. Overall, Mourinho spent during his time at Old Trafford 400 million pounds for players.

He said: "In Man City, Guardiola was not a champion in the first season, but in the second season, Pep made great choices, but those who were supported, sold four full backs the same summer and bought four backs.

"How many players were present in Liverpool before Jürgen Klopp's arrival? If you're a manager and you [are able] Selecting the players who follow your idea is one thing. The other thing is, if you can not do that. "

"The days of an almighty manager are over"

Although Mourinho was bullish in his record and style, he hinted that he had learned an hour about his time at Manchester United.

The club is appointing a football director to improve the relationship between the board and the management team.

And the Portuguese added: "The time when the manager was the highest point of the club and all-powerful, I think, is over, they need the structure.

"The next club I talk to is the first thing I talk about, not the players I want to buy, it's not about the budget, it's about what you structurally say."

"I hid in a hamper"

After the "Spygate" scandal in Leeds Mourinho confirmed that he had hid in 2005 in a hamper for the quarterfinals of the Chelsea Champions League against Bayern Munich.

"I have to be with my players and I did that," he said.

"I go to the locker room during the day, so I was there from noon and the game is at seven pm I just want to be in the locker room when the players arrive, I went there and nobody sees me the Kitman put me in the basket, it was a bit open so I could breathe.

"But when he took it out of the locker room, the Uefa guys followed, desperately looking for me, so he closed the box and I could not breathe. When he opened the box, I died."