"It is time to shake things up, to review the scales, the calculations in order to help us"

Illustration of a single parent family. - NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA
  • The number of single-parent families increased by 77% in 20 years in France, to nearly 1.7 million families in 2010.

  • This situation is associated with greater risks of precariousness and professional and social exclusion.

  • Netizens testify to their daily life on "20 Minutes".

They were particularly highlighted during the demonstrations of "yellow vests" or during roundabout interviews: single-parent families are one of the facets of suffering France. according to
the last survey of the Observatory of Inequalities, these families, mostly women, have also been "strongly impacted" by poverty in recent years. They account for nearly "a quarter of the poor population", a much higher proportion than the share of these families in the population, and 19% live below the poverty line.

It is no coincidence that Emmanuel Macron, at the time of his December 10 address, spoke of the "anger of the single mother, widowed or divorced, who does not even live anymore, who does not have the means to to keep the children and to improve their ends of the month. Despite the announcement of an increase in the activity premium, which will partly affect single-parent families, the testimonies received by 20 minutes show that much remains to be done.

"I would like to tell myself that I do not work for nothing"

"I've been a single mother for over ten years, my son is 17, he's a high school student," explains Tulay. The injustices are enormous. When all my charges are collected, I have less than 300 euros to finish the month, shopping, gas, my teen's pocket money, the subscription of his bus card ... ".

According to her, many benefits should be reviewed to better reflect the reality of families: "I am not entitled to Cmu or Cmu-c, so it takes a mutual, or 75 euros per month. No scholar scholarship for my son, I still exceed the ceilings with my salary of 1,550 euros per month. It is time to shake things up, to review the scales, the calculations to help us. I would like to tell myself that I do not work for nothing ".

"The most complicated thing is the organization and day-to-day management," says Guillaume, who lives with his children. It is difficult to find suitable housing for a family of four with only one salary. I am lucky not to live in the Paris region for example, or in another big city.

"We are well aware of being in survival every day"

For others, it is the lack of flexibility of structures that is problematic. "My son is six so he can not go home or go to school alone," says Cyndie. As my working hours are very wide, I had to take a nanny to "black" because there was more space in extracurricular. I even wondered if I was going to stop working so I could bring her to school, but even that solution would put us in too much trouble. "

"We are well aware of being in survival every day despite working full-time," says Sybille, who is struggling to pay for her son's high school education. Moreover, employers use it to not make you evolve professionally because they know that you are hooked to your job.

In the midst of these testimonies, the word of Dominique slice a little. "I think that too many women feel guilty about being alone," she writes, "and for that reason, too often give in to all the whims of their children. This is not to serve them. After my divorce, I did not ask anyone for help. My children were educated, successful, and did not become offenders. Single-parent families should not be seen as victims. " According to a study published by INSEE in 2017, women spend on average 6.1 years at the head of a single-parent family, men 4.1 years.