Hulu claims more than 25 million subscribers -

Screenshot of the hulu productions homepage.
Screenshot of the hulu productions homepage. DR

The subscription-based Hulu online video service, which is on its way to Disney's control, has surpassed 25 million subscribers by the end of 2018, according to a statement released on Tuesday (January 8th). The platform's subscriber portfolio has grown by 48% over one year and doubled since the end of 2016. Launched in 2008 to catch the streaming train, Hulu has been vegetating for nearly ten years, handicapped by a shareholding split between Disney (30 %), 21st Century Fox (30%), Comcast (30%) and Time Warner (10%), now WarnerMedia (a subsidiary of AT & T).

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But in 2017, the service finally came out of its sluggishness to become a full-fledged content creator and no longer just a serial tap already broadcast elsewhere. He produced the series The Scarlet Maid, who has gleaned eleven Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes, but also The Looming Tower, Castle Rock and The Path. Two documentaries produced by the platform, Minding the Gap and Crime + Punishment, were also selected in December in the prelist of the Oscars.

The service has also launched its own bouquet of live channels on the internet, complementing its streaming catalog.

Legitimate competitor of Netflix and Amazon

Unlike Netflix, Hulu incorporates advertising into some of its offerings and in 2018 achieved $ 1.5 billion in advertising revenue. With the acquisition by Disney of a majority of the group's assets 21st Century Fox, the company in Burbank, California, will become the majority shareholder in Hulu, 60%, and take control.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the entertainment giant was planning to turn Hulu into " destination " all of the non-children's programs, be it Disney and Fox, ABC and Fox, including FX.

Observers see Hulu still changing gear on this occasion, to become a legitimate competitor of Netflix and Amazon. Netflix had 137 million subscribers at the end of September, including 130 million payers. As for Amazon, it claimed 101 million subscribers to its premium service, which includes a set of services, of which the online video platform is only one component.

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