Highway companies commit to 30% discounts for users making 10 round trips per month

Nearly 1 million people are affected by this measure, according to Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne.

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Highway companies consent to an effort. After a meeting with their representatives, the transport minister, Elisabeth Borne, announced on Thursday 17 January that drivers regularly using motorways on the same route would benefit from a 30% reduction from ten allers. returns by month. These offers will concern nearly 1 million people, said the minister.

These new subscriptions will be available on the entire toll motorway network from 1st February, the date when tariffs tolls must increase from 1.8% to 1.9%, according to contracts between these companies to the state, said the statement of the Ministry of Transport.

This increase being badly come, in protest of the "yellow vests", the minister asked the highway companies of "Take into account the French people's concerns about purchasing power". "We have had intense discussions over the past few days and today we have achieved a very significant effort from the concession companies", said Mme Borne to reporters.

Any subscription to these subscriptions may be subject to payment, but its price will be capped at 2.50 euros per month - in addition to the price of the trips.

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Regular users

In concrete terms, they will be accessible from 1st February and without limit of duration, to all regular private persons making a route between two points determined, and this without limit of distance, according to the ministry.

Reserved for drivers of passenger cars and two-wheelers, they will complement existing local subscription formulas for peri-urban commuting. Motorists already benefiting from local subscriptions at preferential rates will be free to keep them or subscribe to new offers.

More than targeted commercial gestures, the motorway companies would have preferred to trade a freeze of toll rates against an extension of their concessions, according to an industry official. But the Ministry of Transport rejected this solution, especially since it would have required a complex procedure through Parliament and Brussels.

Elisabeth Borne also ruled out a toll freeze that would have to be recouped later. She also dismissed Thursday any renationalization of motorway companies.

"If you have to renationalise, today it's 50 billion, and I think you'll understand that we do not have 50 billion euros", did she say.

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