FilGoal | News Egypt handball coach: proud of players .. Today we got the reward reverse Sweden match

MADRID, July 13 (Reuters) - Egypt coach David Davies has expressed his delight at the performance of his players against Hungary, which ended in a 30-30 draw.

Egypt scored their third point in the group stage, and the victory over Angola enough to qualify for the next round.

"I congratulate the Hungary team and their coach, who I know very well, they played well, it was a very fun game," Davies told the press conference after the game.

"I also knew that Egypt had not been able to reach the second round in the last 15 years, but today they played perfectly, collectively and systematically."

"The players have done the instructions we've been training since July. We've also shown that to Sweden but we did not get the reward today, but today we're satisfied with that point."

"We could have won or lost, but I am very happy and very proud of the players and the hours we spent in work and training, we have to win Angola now, it will be a great success for the team and for myself and all the Egyptians."

The coach of Hungary, Istvan Chokkenyi, congratulated the Egyptian team in turn, and expressed his satisfaction with reaching the next round: "I would like to congratulate Egypt and Davis, it was a great match, Egypt played the first 15 minutes in a distinctive way, before we use some players from the bench to replace More energy. "We qualified for the next round, and good luck for Egypt."

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