Fabián Coito, new coach of Honduras, starts losing in front of Uruguay in the Premundial U-20

Talca, Chile

Uruguay, who drives Fabián Coito, who will be appointed coach of the Selection of Honduras, the Premundial U-20 of Chile falling 1-0 against Peru.

The Uruguayan squad, which is the current champion of this competition, was the big favorite, but ended up losing with a bit of Fernando Pacheco at 53 minutes.

In this competition, the eyes are on Coito, since the previous weekend it is known that accepted the proposal of Fenafuth and seeks to say goodbye to his selection by revalidating the title he got two years ago.

The blue ones made merits to at least rescue a tie and they remained with the empty hands, simply by faults in the definition.

The team of Coito was protagonist and made plays of danger, but he lacked marksmanship. "To make matters worse, the Inca goal came thanks to a nonexistent penalty called by the Colombian referee Gallo. There was a lack, it is true, but it was clearly outside the area, "explained Tenfield.com of Uruguay.

In the Premundial Sub-20 of the Conmebol participate 10 selections, which are divided into two groups of five each, the first three advance to a second phase, of which four will advance to the World Cup in Poland to be played at the end of May and in which Honduras will be present.

The next rival of Coito and his boys will be Ecuador, who this Friday thrashed Paraguay 3-0. This meeting will be on Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

In 2017 the charrúas were the champions with Coito at the front in the Premundial that took place in Ecuador. Precisely, it is estimated that Coito's debut with the National Team of Honduras is against Ecuadorians on March 26 in the friendly to be played at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, United States.