Every pain in your face has a reason .. Know what happens in your body from the inside ... Masaru

11:04 p

Sunday 13 January 2019

I wrote - Mena Nafi:

You may feel some pain in certain areas of your face without knowing the cause .. But you do not know that it is possible that the features of your face cause the disclosure of your disease, because each area reveals what is happening in your body from the inside, according to the site Bright side American .

1 - forehead and eyebrows:

If the pain in the area of ​​the forehead or over the eyebrows may be a sign of the existence of some problems in the stomach, and the area of ​​the eyebrows responsible for the liver and will feel headaches or will continue to be in the case of eating fatty foods heavily, and eating large amounts of soft drinks, try Your diet should be healthy.

2 - nose:

The presence of pimples constantly on the nose, especially in the face and skin, there may be some problems in the heart or blood vessels, or feeling tired and stress, so try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with constant care to organize your sleep.

3. Ear:

The skin on the ears is closely associated with the work of the kidneys and bladder, in the case of the presence of pimples on the ear, this is evidence of the intake of large amounts of salt and coffee, you have to reduce it and drink more water.

4. Cheeks and cheekbones:

The bones of the cheek and the upper part of the cheeks reflect the action of the lungs and bronchi. The pimples shown here can indicate respiratory problems. Sensitivity may also be a cause, but a rash in the lower part of the face may indicate dental problems.

Pay attention to your respiratory system, taking care to walk more, breathe fresh air, give up smoking, take care of your mouth and eat the least number of sweets and not drink soft drinks.

5- The lips:

Skin problems around the mouth can give you an indication of some gastrointestinal problems, leading to indigestion and bowel cramping. Keep away from eating junk food, which includes as many fiber-rich foods as you can, such as fruits and vegetables.

6- Chin:

Usually there are some grains in this area that indicate some problems in the reproductive system or may be due to hormonal balance or approaching the date of the menstrual cycle.

If it appears, do not just worry about using facial moisturizers, and taking dietary supplements that contribute to controlling your body's hormones.