Do you sell or buy a used car? The new "Histovec" site is for you

TRACEABILITY - Road Safety officially launched this Thursday the finalized version of its platform tracing the history of used vehicles. Called Histovec, this free service (offered in beta in recent months) allows the owner to transmit key elements to his potential buyer.

The Histovec platform will often avoid those who buy a used car to find themselves in spite of themselves with a make-up wreck, a stolen vehicle or having already passed in too many hands. The site, whose name is the contraction of "vehicle history", is quite official since it was developed at the Ministry of the Interior. Accessible in recent months in a beta version, the interface is now officially launched in a full version.

This service, absolutely free, allows to trace the history of used vehicles. Its operation (largely described in an auto chronicle previously published on LCI) is based on the owner who wants to sell his car, his two-wheel or his truck (including a truck). It is up to the seller to log on to thanks to his license plate number, his name and information appearing on his registration card. He can then share the history of his vehicle with his potential buyer, who can in turn access it via the site.

This history includes the key elements to decide whether to buy (or not) a used vehicle. In concrete terms, he relates the highlights of the life of the vehicle:

• date of first entry into circulation;

• successive changes of ownership;

• any claims that have been the subject of a VRC procedure (for "repair vehicle controlled by an automobile expert");

• administrative situation of the vehicle, ie pledge, opposition or theft;

• technical characteristics such as brand, color, engine capacity, power output, engine speed, sound level, pollution criterion in particular.

We tested Histovec without concern this Friday. Here is what gives the part "administrative situation".

Note that Histovec can not trace all the information of some number plates because of their age. A blank page can appear instead of the full history for vehicles with plates before 2009. A call number for the owners concerned will be set up "soon", warns Road Safety.