Discover the whatsapp error that exposes conversations

Can not be! An error in WhatsApp has allowed anyone to read your conversations. With the ruling, all your messages have been uncovered without you even being able to realize it.

A Twitter user reported through this social network that, He bought a new cell phone and after downloading the application, he noticed the error in WhatsApp, since he could read all the messages of the person who previously owned that phone number.

Abby Fuller tweeted that, she does not even know how she could have full access to the alien record of those conversations, which alerted more users because it is unknown whether or not the only case or the error in WhatsApp could be happening to more people.

The user did not provide more details about the type or model of cell phone she bought, nor the version of the instant messaging application, but she and other Internet users are sure that it is an error in WhatsApp.

Source: Spark

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