DeMarcus cousins ​​score 14 points in the Warriors debut

Warriors 112 (32-14), Clippers 94 (24-21)

DeMarcus Cousins ​​returned to a promising debut for the warriors following an Achilles tendon tear. Cousins ​​scored 14 points (3 from 4 to 3) in 15 minutes before they crippled, including a thunderous break-in to start the game. Steph Curry also scored 28 points in a comfortable win.

Grizzlies 116 (19-26), Celtics 122 (27-18)

Kyrie Irving dropped the team on the back by losing 38 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds in a close home win. Mike Conley scored 26 points for the Grizzlies.

Heat 93 (21-22), Piston 98 (20-24)

Dwyane Wade did everything he could with 20 points and eight assists, but Blake Griffin's 32 points helped Detroit win. Griffin added 11 rebounds and nine assists, while Luke Kennard added 22 points.

Nets 117 (24-23), Magic 115 (19-26)

D & # 39; Angelo Russell reminded everyone that he still has ice in his veins. Russell won the 3-point game in Orlando to win his team. He finished with 40 points.

Spurs 116 (27-20), Timberwolves 113 (21-24)

San Antonio was led by the duo LaMarcus Aldridge (29 points, nine rebounds) and Rudy Gay (22 points, five assists). Derrick Rose and Karl-Anthony Towns each scored 23 points for the Wolves.

Cavaliers 99 (9-37), Jazz 115 (26-21)

Donovan Mitchell showed a 24-point show in just 26 minutes. Rudy Gobert added 19 points, 15 rebounds and five assists in 26 minutes.

Pelicans 112 (21-25), Blazers 128 (28-19)

The blazers were led by Damian Lillard (24 points), CJ McCollum (20 points) and Jake Layman (20 points) in the victory against New Orleans. Anthony Davis scored 27 points and scored seven rebounds for the pelicans.

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