Dallas Cowboys: The State of Cowboys by Jerry Jones's Eyes: Frustration, optimism and all at once

Jerry Jones reviewed the state of the cowboys on Tuesday and spoke publicly for the first time since losing Saturday night at the Los Angeles Rams ended the season's end of Dallas just before the NFC championship game for the 23rd straight year.

No, the team owner made no crucial judgments about a contract renewal for head coach Jason Garrett or the return of the offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. He did not think his answers were "concise" as he had promised to the boys of "The Fan" KRLD-FM (105.3).

But as the initiates would expect, if they looked at the position of the club from Jones's point of view, he offered assessments for both scratching and storytelling, and never "banal" to use one of his catchphrases. He volunteered at two different times in the interview that he certainly was not "irritated" or "frustrated." The truth is that the 76-year-old joking that he has "no time for a bad time", frustrated, optimistic and dug in all at the same time.

Asked about LA's 30:22 defeat in the playoff division round, Jones mentioned the slippery field conditions at Memorial Coliseum before the 273 yards the Rams hurried shattered the Dallas defense. They apparently did not have any problems with the lawn.

"If I had to do it again, we would take a close look at our shoes, our cleats," Jones said.

Garrett has never had a hard time gaining a foothold in eight full seasons as Head Coach with Jones, despite having won only two playoffs during his tenure, including Seattle's wildcard win of the season.

And while Jones would not discuss whether Garrett will be extended - he has one more year left, if those deals are normally done - the letter is on the wall.

"If Jason Garrett had been on the market two weeks ago, he would have received five offers for a head coaching," Jones said. "I know that, and so you have to see what your alternative is - we have a very young team ... we have players that go in one direction, they change and you will change direction.

"It's difficult to change anything every year, I did that, I was there and I know what price you pay for."

Jones realized how to be a billionaire in the regular business world - or even buy a $ 250 million yacht - and still rank 200th in the rankings. If the teams do not enter the playoffs in football, that's not enough.

"I'm not a bit irritated," he said, pausing. "I like the direction we go to."

This will likely include the continuation of Linehan's term. Garrett said on Monday that he does not expect any major changes to his coaching staff.

Jones did not close the door again, but he gave a positive assessment of the staff, which gave Linehan the leeway to revise the offensive side last season.

Jones noted the improvement over the course of the season, though the Cowboys ended the regular season at an average of 21.2 points per game and apparently were unable to make the most of the accumulated talent.

Jones mentioned an emphasis on the run-pass option, a strength of quarterback Dak Prescott returning to college. But he did not investigate what the fans have asked for, the willingness to use Prescott's ability to run.

"Why should I make a kind of statement stating that this is what we will do if we have a chance here next week?" Jones said of personnel changes. "This is the time to think about these things, this is when they will be nibbled on, which is when you see an opportunity next week that you did not know this week There was coaching in the area of ​​staff or in the area of ​​the company, and I'm not trying to be sweet here, I'm just saying that we can work with such flexibility. "

Jones said he's working in a vacuum where he's mainly busy bringing the cowboys back to the NFC title game and beyond. Still ...

"The great Tom Landry had been criticizing for years ... because he could not overcome a specific lap," Jones said. "And he ended up winning two Super Bowls and is considered one of the best coaches."

Another push will be to expand the business of the key players. Jones stressed that he wants to run back Prescott, defensive end of DeMarcus Lawrence, Cornerback Byron Jones and Ezekiel Elliott when the time comes. Any other thought of Zeke, he said, "would be madness."

But it is a bit more complicated to do everything. "I could sound a bit frustrated - I'm not at all," he said. And Jones put it this way:

"Well, I'm going to hell, I want a bigger boat," he said. "The bottom line is there's a whole lot of stuff you want."

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