Credit Agricole rose .. Dollar prices in 9 banks with the end of the term ... Masrawy

05:35 PM

Wednesday 16 January 2019

I wrote - Sherine Salah:

The dollar rose against the pound by 3 piasters at Credit Agricole Bank at the end of trading Wednesday compared to morning, while the price settled in 8 other banks.

The price of the dollar in Credit Agricole rose 3 piasters, to 17.89 pounds for purchase, and 17.99 pounds for sale.

The exchange rate of the US dollar in Egypt's Ahli Bank and Egypt stood at 17.79 pounds for purchase, and 17.89 pounds for sale.

The dollar kept its value at Arab African Bank at EGP 17.86 for buy, EGP 17.96 for sale.

The US currency remained stable in Alexandria, international commercial, construction and housing banks at EGP17.89 and EGP17.96 for sale.

Suez Canal Bank confirmed the price of the US currency at 17.90 pounds for purchase, and 17.96 pounds for sale.

The price of the dollar settled at ADIB at EGP 17.91 for buying and EGP 17.96 for sale.