Can not be a Destiny clone because ...

from Susanne Braun -
Since Anthem has been announced by Bioware, it has to deal with comparisons to Bungies Destiny - and it's likely that parallels to The Division and Warframe can be drawn when looking closely. But that's not entirely justified, says lead producer Mike Gamble, because work on Anthem is said to have begun before Destiny was released.

On February 22, 2019, the new team shooter (or lobby shooter, or ...) Anthem (buy now for 59,99 €) which is currently in the making at Bioware. With that, the team, which despite the experience with Mass Effect has not yet published such a game, goes into dangerous waters, because barely a month later, the similar team shooter The Division 2 by Ubisoft will appear in the trade. But actually, the creators of Anthem have to put up with a very different comparison, namely the one with Bungies Destiny (that Destiny in turn has to face the constant comparison with Warframe, let's just ignore here).

Sure, when anthem was announced, the parallels inevitably came to the mind of every Destiny fan: a sci-fi fantasy setting, big bucks, co-operative play in small groups. It also did not help that in Anthem the focus was on the equipment of the javelin named exosuits - which, by the way, is reminiscent of Warframe. And to Firefall, at least those of the MMO shooter fans who still remember it.

Anyway, the fact that Anthem can not really be a "clone" of Destiny in the eyes of the developers does not make the creators of Bioware too stressed. So also lead producer Mike Gamble recently told the staff of the French gaming website JeuxVideo (via MP1st). The video is synced in large parts of French, but you can hear the decisive comment without knowing the language of our neighbors in English at minute 2:47: "This is interesting, because Anthem is actually already in the development, before Destiny even published has been."

It is also interesting to see how much the games already on the market are influencing the games that are still in development. In the end, the developers were mainly concerned with integrating an interesting and engaging story into teamplay. Whether the gameplay, setting and other details of Anthem Destiny really resemble as fans suppose or suspect, can then find out in late February 2019.

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