Boricua invents renewable energy product that seeks to compete with Tesla

A Puerto Rican is the mind behind a technology that it will allow people to mount their own Tesla-style Powerwalls and for only a fraction of the cost.

According to a statement, the creation of ToabajeƱo Javier Camacho seeks to provide families on the island and the world, access to renewable energy using recycled lithium batteries and installing them in a kit, to later be used as storage of renewable energy.

Camacho created a campaign in Indiegogo seeking to raise enough money to be able to produce his invention more quickly while seeking to create jobs on the island.

Part of the money raised, according to the statement, will be to develop software that allows users to monitor their Powerwalls while they can turn on and off lights that are not being used, saving battery and money.

According to the information in Indiegogo, Camacho helped with the kit 49 families without electricity after Hurricane Maria.

Camacho has a website where people can already get the product and videos on YouTube explaining the installation process.

From the goal to be achieved, Javier will be providing "opensource" access to software and Powerwall, to other developers so that they can create their own products and in this way encourage the development of small businesses while creating jobs on the island.