Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, says he still gets nervous before each game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - Patriots coach Bill Belichick will extend his NFL record for most post-season games as head coach in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, but that experience does not mean he will not be nervous. In fact, Belichick has shown that he experiences nerves before every game.

"Yes, every week, they all count in this league," he said Friday morning, two days before he will train in his 41st career postseason game. "Just let me know the next game that does not matter so I can take that into account."

Belichick added that preseason games also fall into this category.

"Just let me know those who do not matter, I'll make sure I'm not upset for this," he said. "Nervous? Sure. You want to go out there and do well. There is fear.

"We all have things in the game we have to do, they want to do it well, not abandon your team, because everyone counts on you to get your job done, and you count on everyone else to do their own do. "

Belichick's 41 postseason head coach games put Tom Landry and Don Shula at more distance on the all-time list, as they both had 36.

This is his 13th conference championship game as head coach, which is also a record. Landry (10), Shula (7) and Chuck Noll (7) follow him on this list.

Belichick, who turns 67 in April, sounded as though he did not intend to finish training soon. When Robert Kraft was asked on January 21 after celebrating the 25th anniversary of buying the Patriots, Belichick praised Kraft while dismissing his own intentions.

"We have a good set-up here and he gave us a lot of support and gives us a great opportunity to go out every week, we did that, and I hope we can continue for a long time," he said.