Amazon becomes the most expensive private company in the world

Amazon, the American giant of online commerce, on Monday became the most expensive private company in the world to get the first place on Wall Street.

Taking advantage of a renewed optimism in the New York plaza, the action of the group led by Jeff Bezos appreciated 3.44% on Monday, raising its market value to 797,000 million dollars.

Microsoft, with 783.00 million dollars, loses the crown that had taken away from Apple at the end of November.

However, Amazon's performance must be relativized: the value of the company has decreased significantly since it achieved, in early September, overcome the trillion dollar milestone, a few weeks after Apple.

The company, created in 1994 to operate in the field of the sale of books online, became a giant of distribution and computing on the Internet.

Amazon devised popular products such as the intelligent voice assistants Alexa and the administrator of a popular music and film platform through its premium service.

Thanks to this success, Bezos is currently considered the richest man in the world, according to the classification made by Forbes magazine. His fortune was calculated on Monday at 135,000 million dollars.

However, companies in the technology sector have been hard hit in recent months, as the rest of the contributors in the New York plaza, by fears about a slowdown in global economic growth.

This is shown by the case of Apple, which had fallen about 40% since the beginning of October and collapsed again on January 3, losing another 10% after having acknowledged that its sales in the last quarter would be worse than expected.

With 702,000 million dollars, the brand of the apple is worth less today than Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet, the mother house of Google, estimated at 748,000 million.