Airbus posts 747 orders on the meter in 2018, down sharply compared to 2017

The aircraft fleet of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. - Airbus

When we say 747 in the aeronautical world, we immediately think of Boeing. But this Wednesday, this figure was put forward by its European competitor. This is the number of net orders recorded last year by Airbus.

While he presented at the end of November a notebook with only 380 devices on the meter, the last weeks of the year, the aircraft manufacturer has climbed the slope. In December, he announced a series of large orders to arrive at 747 aircraft in the hold, down from
the year 2017 and its 1,109 orders.

Not to mention that last year the figure of Airbus did not include A220, these former Bombardier CSeries who made their entry in the range last July, after the merger of Airbus and the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.

In the race against Boeing, the American won with 893 net orders for the entire year. And in the field of deliveries, it also has a small head start with its 806 aircraft delivered, against 800 for Airbus, a figure still achieved thanks to the A220.

More than nine years of insured production

Coast Orders, the European aircraft manufacturer knows a hole of air, especially when comparing the year 2018 with the years 2013 and 2014 where the order book was almost doubled.

But work will not be lacking in assembly plants. A total of 7,577 aircraft are still to be produced to satisfy the stock of orders, more than nine years of work insured.