773 million hacked email addresses discovered in a file

This giant database, including nearly 12,000 files including 21 million passwords, is one of the biggest flaws ever detected.

This is a flaw of unprecedented magnitude that has been discovered Thursday. An Australian computer security expert has found a database containing no less than 772 million hacked email addresses, as well as 21 million passports.

According to Troy Hunt, who discovered this leak on a hacker forum, the "Collection # 1" (the name he gave it) contained nearly 12,000 files, for a total weight of 87 GB of data.

This database has been enriched over the years thanks to numerous hacks, said the latter. It is therefore difficult to know which are the main victim sites. A message posted on the hacker forum where Troy Hunt unearthed "Collection # 1" reports 2,000 different sources of hackers. Some files suggested piracy dating back to 2008.

Troy Hunt, who works at Microsoft and is the founder of the site Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) which allows to scan the web to find out if an email address has already been revealed during a leak, said to have been touched by this giant hacking. "I can say that my own personal data is in there and that it is accurate; good e-mail address and a password that I used several years ago. "

Record leak

With that of Yahoo having affected nearly 3 billion users as well as that suffered by the Indian Aadhaar on 1.1 billion people in early 2018, the "Collection # 1" is the largest leak ever discovered.

These lists accumulated over time allow hackers to target users' accounts and try different combinations of email addresses and passwords on many websites. Until you find the right combination that will allow you to break into it.

Troy Hunt thus advises all those whose email address is part of the "Collection 1 #" database to change all their passwords as quickly as possible. To find out if you have been a victim of this leak, simply go to the website designed by the expert.

Lucas Mediavilla