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After the first days of intense sales, Cdiscount and Amazon have already passed the mark of the second markdown. Discount percentages are even more generous than before, and now is the time to take advantage of the latest great deals on top brands and products on sale. Some products are taken literally by storm, and many references are already out of stock for several days. Below is the list of merchants who offer discounts during these 2019 winter sales.

If you've ever been to the online merchant sites above during sales, you know it's hard to get away with it, so there are promotions and great deals everywhere. To take only the case of Cdiscount, the 2019 winter sales should see more than 3 million references to be reduced on the trading platform. Therefore, it is difficult to get out on the website of the French e-merchant since the discounts are everywhere. To accompany you in finding the best bargains on sale, here is the list of the day updated in real time according to the discounts and stocks available.

Sale 2019: Top special offers in real time

Last updated: 7:47 am, January 16, 2019

Winter Sale: Cdiscount outperforms Amazon in 2019

The e-merchants present in France put forward more or less promotions during sales. If Amazon is now more focused on commercial operations such as the famous Black Friday or Prime Day in July, others like the French Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty participate fully in the winter and summer sales. This year, we can say that it is the French online retailer Cdiscount who has distinguished the best of all since it promises no less than 3 million discounted products during this period, with discounts that go up even to -80% on certain categories of products for the second markdown. As a reminder, the first markdown had allowed very big brands to leave with discounts up to -75% already.

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As you can easily imagine, the most popular products that are on sale during the sales go very fast on Amazon and Cdiscount - and at all other merchants. In other words, you have to be fast on good deals, including flash sales that last only a few hours and are very limited by the stock. Often, some people are tempted to wait as long as possible for additional markdown - but behind the products are out of stock.

Sometimes you have to give in on 5% more discount to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a discounted product. It is a strategic choice that must be made and that we must not regret. The promotions that are already highlighted during sales at Cdiscount or Amazon are already very generous, it is better sometimes to be wise and choose the latter rather than playing with fire and potentially no longer have on sale at all.

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2nd markdown officially started

In general, the 2nd markdown balances also begins the second week of sales. This year, the sales began on Wednesday, January 9 and they will extend until February 19, 2019. Of course, if the craze is the strongest at first, it fades over time since the most convincing promotions arrive at the end of their stock. Today, Wednesday, is the first day of the second week, and this is where the business is still very interesting and we must take advantage. For the third markdown, the discounts will probably be less convincing.

It should be known that the balances that take place in January and June are very controlled by the government, and the merchants do not have free fields generally in their promotions. Indeed, these two periods are the only times during the year when traders can sell their products at a loss (to sell their unsold inventory). It is also during sales that we find the best promotions - and beyond what we could find during a Black Friday for example. So if you have important purchases to make in the next 6 months, it is now necessary to do so to receive an additional discount.

Historically, it's the fashion sector that has been the biggest seller. But in recent years, general-purpose distributors on the internet such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac participate in sales and offer all types of discounted products. It is above all electronics, and large and small appliances that are very strongly promoted. This year, Cdiscount impresses us at all levels, and all categories of products - including tickets for example. For its part, Amazon is slightly wiser, but the US giant still offers tens of thousands of promotional references on brands as famous as OnePlus, Philips, Bose or Dyson.

Where to find bargains on sale?

When we see no less than hundreds of thousands, even millions, of promotions everywhere during the sales at merchant sites like Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty or Fnac, it is difficult to find the motivation and the courage to peel all the pages of all these websites to find bargains. That's why we keep a daily coverage of the best deals on offer at different online merchants. They are also known to have the best promotion percentage overall - compared to more traditional merchants who are limited by stocks and promotions.

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