2000s trend: French nails are now cool instead of tasteless

After 20 years, French nails are making a comeback.


Published7. April 2021, 20:00

Everything new is done by … well, May. Until then, we will therefore concentrate on the opposite. Something that is just popping up again after almost 20 years in the dark: French nails.

Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton – if you were one of those who were something in the 2000s, you showed up at the party with the tips of your nails painted white, or you didn’t show up at all. The French manicure was the queen of the nail trends. She might even be the first to really get anywhere after just being red. Suddenly small ornaments on the nails became a thing, Swarovski crystals glittered at the transition from the nude-colored nail to the white tip. French nails were everywhere. Until suddenly they didn’t show up anywhere.

Over and over with French

As is the case with most new trends, the nails named after our neighboring country were only cool until everyone really wore them. Without social media, it just took a while longer. But no sooner had they arrived in the villages than they were mercilessly chosen to be the absolute pinnacle of tastelessness. And waited patiently. Until now.

With a new look to the top

20 years later, the well-known manicure suddenly appears again on every corner. History seems to repeat itself. «Today more and more people are asking about the style. French nails are currently experiencing an absolute comeback, ”confirms Sonia Grasso from the Lucerne nail studio Nailsatsonia. “Today, however, hardly anyone asks about the classic, white design.” Because like us, the nail trend has evolved from back then. After colored, multicolored tips last year, new shapes based on French manicure have been added. The only important thing is: the so-called negative space, i.e. the part where the natural nail shimmers through, must be preserved.

More space for color

Otherwise, whatever you like is allowed – and is within the scope of the possibilities. You can still get colored French at home with the self-adhesive stencils that we still know from back then. For unusual creations à la Kylie Jenner, the professional must be involved.

However, all versions make a good mood and even more desire for spring. So we give you two (freshly manicured) thumbs up for the comeback of French nails.

What is your favorite nail look like? Let us know in the comments!

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