20 minutes – “Where to walk your dog so as not to disturb ?!”

O do you want me to go walk my dog ​​somewhere other than a fort? It is only around my home that allows her to let off steam, rebels Rose-Marie *, who lives not far from the Chalet – Gobet (VD). Last weekend, this octognaire had let her pointer St-Germain run along a country road that only farmers use. But during the walk, she collides with the authorities. Introduced in July 2019, the cantonal wildlife law now requires dog owners to keep them on a leash during walks in the fort, near the fort and in the meadows adjacent to the fort, located in agricultural areas. A measure that runs from April 1 to July 15.

The obligation to keep dogs on a leash from April 1 to July 15 in a fort, near the fort and in the meadows adjoining the fort, located in agricultural area, was also adopted by the cantons of Friborg, Geneva and Neuchtel. On the other hand, in the Jura, keeping on a leash is not compulsory, informs Amaury Boillat, cantonal wildlife inspector. Because the Jura is based on the ordinance relating to hunting and the protection of wild fauna: In strong, dogs must be able to be mastered and, failing that, kept on a leash.

Protect wildlife

Wild animals give birth and incubate during this period. All species are therefore very susceptible to disturbances. And disturbances can jeopardize the success of reproductions and impact the distribution of certain species. Uncontrolled dogs can also kill juvenile animals as adults, recalled the State of Vaud in a press release, dated March.

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First surprised, then angry, the Vaudois walker regrets the implementation of this new measure, of which she had not been aware before. She got out with a warning: The police assured me that the next time, the penalty would be dirty … But while we make available a place where dogs can fight freely, without disturbing anyone ! 80 years old, I’m not going to walk for miles anyway !, says Rose-Marie. Not to mention that in this period, when it is asked to stay at home, pets are also more restricted in their movements.

No systematic intervention

The Vaud cantonal police have not identified such offenses since the beginning of April. We make sure that the law is respected, but we do not have a brigade exclusively dedicated to this, explains Alexandre Bisenz, communications officer. However, in the event of an offense, the latter recalls that dog owners risk being reported to the prefecture.

* Loan name.


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