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Lampertheim. That donating blood is a useful thing and serves the general public is undisputed and for many the reason to visit the Red Cross (DRK) service on a regular basis. The Red Cross tirelessly promotes its blood donation appointments and repeatedly points out how important it is to donate to help accident victims or the seriously ill.

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15,000 blood transfusions are required in Germany every day to save lives. At the moment there is even an increased need for blood due to the pandemic, because many operations were postponed during the coronary period, which now increasingly have to be rescheduled. In addition, some of the blood reserves have a very short shelf life, so that targeted storage is not possible.

Good conditions

Another blood donation campaign took place in the Altrheinhalle on Saturday in cooperation with the local Red Cross. Kai Günderoth, second chairman of the local association, was responsible for the accompanying organization this time. He has been with the Red Cross since his early youth. This also included voluntary service in the swimming pool or driving an ambulance. “I just have a helper syndrome,” he explains with a smile during an interview.

The base in Florianstrasse used to be the blood donation site. Since the pandemic, people have moved to the Altrheinhalle in order to maintain the necessary distances and to have greater freedom of movement. The hall offers all the prerequisites to meet the hygiene rules: Separate entrances and exits as well as the clearly arranged hall, where the blood is taken and the necessary preliminary examinations and formalities can be carried out. As always, there is a small present with sweets for every donor at the exit, and a soup, filled in glasses, can also be taken with you. Vegetarian preferences were also taken into account.

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In the end, the result of the campaign was impressive again. At least 169 donors found their way to the Altrheinhalle. 152 could be forwarded for blood collection, including 16 first-time donors. The usual honors for frequent donors are currently suspended. hundred


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