141 Amsterdammers infected with monkeypox virus

At the GGD in the city 141 infections with monkey pox are known. This is apparent from a letter from alderman Shula Rijxman (Public Health and Prevention).

There is an ‘rising line’ in the number of infections. According to Rijxman, this is because the time that elapses between the infection and the first symptoms of the disease is relatively long, at one to three weeks. “This is clearly not about exponential growth, which was the case with corona,” says the alderman.

Until yesterday, 238 people have been tested. In 141 of those cases, it was indeed an infection with the monkeypox virus. 140 times it involved men who have sex with men, with one exception. “A contamination has recently been identified that deviates from this trend,” writes Rijxman.

In addition to the possibility of testing, diagnosis and source and contact research, information has also been started to prevent new infections. For example, posters have been hung in catering establishments and at sex locations and reports about monkey pox can be seen in the dating apps GrindR and Hornet.

“As far as is known, infection with the virus is not dangerous for most people, but it is very annoying,” writes Rijxman. “The symptoms resemble those of an infection with smallpox, but in general is much milder. An infection with the monkeypox virus leads, among other things, to (extensive) skin abnormalities, itching and painful swelling of lymph nodes.”

She advises Amsterdammers with questions and concerns to to call the GGD.

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