105 ‘speeds’ in illegal races in the city of Braga ‘caught’ by PSP

“I asked for protection today from the PSP in Braga. The husband of the Uber driver who baselessly accuses me of aggression and xenophobic insults walks around with a pistol and says that if he finds me, he will kill me, ”the taxi driver, who requested anonymity, told O MINHO.

The transport professional said that the driver’s version of TVDE (service of “individual and paid passenger transport in vehicles decarcerized from an electronic platform) – aka Uber – about his behavior in an incident that occurred a week ago near the center parking lot Braga Parque commercial “is false”.

In her version, the driver Liane Silva, a Brazilian national, was poorly parked in the area, which prevented her taxi from leaving the car park: “I asked her to leave, she just did an insufficient maneuver, so that I was in danger of hitting the car in front ”.

“I got out of my car and went to her, without any threat or aggression. We got caught up in reasons and I just told her that as an immigrant she should respect the rules of the host country. In the middle of the conversation, I used the expression: “bitch that gave birth”! She understood that I was calling her a whore and insulted my mother ”, she explains.

The taxi driver denies having hit the woman, guaranteeing that he only put his hand on her chin and says that he took out his cell phone, not to steal it, but because she started to photograph it, without authorization ”.

He accepts to have punched one of the security guards in Braga Parque called by the uberista, and assumes the respective responsibility: “I am not racist, nor xenophobic, nor against Brazilians. And I don’t even have anything against TVDE’s, now that they’re legal, ”he reaffirms, guaranteeing that he, too, will complain to the justice of the case.

Immigrant complains

According to MINHO reported, the Brazilian citizen filed a complaint at the PSP in Braga against a taxi driver who allegedly assaulted her: “I already have a lawyer! I am also going to complain to the Court for aggression and racist and xenophobic attitudes, due to the insults and threats that he made for being Brazilian, ”said Liane Silva, in statements to MINHO.

The case occurred earlier this week by the side door of that shopping center: the driver was parked and the taxi driver arrived, starting to tell him that he couldn’t stop there, starting to harass and assault her. He also took out his cell phone when she predisposed to call the police, taking him to a private car that belonged to her ”, underlines Eliane.

Then, the citizen called the security guard at Bragaparque, telling him that the taxi driver had stolen his phone, only – he guarantees – he was also attacked and, therefore, received hospital treatment. In the meantime, the space security team called the PSP, which identified the alleged aggressor.

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