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Today, the responsible services continued to work to eliminate the consequences of the diesel fuel leak that took place on Thursday at SIA “East-West Transit” oil base in Valmiera, Mūrmuižas Street 15B.

Kļaveniece explained that on Thursday it had managed to limit the spread of pollution. Today, work continued throughout the day to collect the spilled diesel fuel.

Although the initial estimates of the company showed a very significant amount of diesel spilled in the Valmiera rainwater drainage system, implementing measures to collect the spilled fuel, as well as to limit pollution, it was found that 1.5 tons of diesel fuel leaked into the rainwater drainage system, the SES representative informed.

According to Kļaveniece, on Friday the ditch where the rainwater collector was discharged was pumped out, as well as the oil absorbing bonuses placed yesterday were replaced. Meanwhile, cleaning of the wells of the internal rain sewerage system at the oil base of SIA “East-West Transit” is still ongoing. Upon completion of these works, bonnets will be placed in the rain collection wells. Also, in the near future, the removal of contaminated soil around the railway overpass, where the leak occurred, will be started.

The SES has instructed the company to replace the bonnets and pump the polluted water at the collector outlet before the bonnets, in accordance with the polluted water flow regime, as well as to ensure the further management of the polluted bonnets and polluted water in accordance with environmental protection requirements. Under the supervision of the SES, work is being continued to eliminate the consequences of the accident, Kļaveniece said.

The representative of the SES said that the Valmiera City Municipality, in contact with the utility company SIA “Valmieras ūdens”, has identified two households in which the quality of drinking water may be potentially affected. The municipality in cooperation with the utility company SIA “Valmieras ūdens” will contact the residents living in the household about the further management of the situation if there are concerns about the quality of the water in the wells.

As reported, the SES calls on residents to report if oil products are observed in the city of Valmiera at the outlets of the city’s rainwater drainage network by calling the SES at 26 33 88 00.

“East-West Transit” oil depot in Valmiera, Mūrmuižas Street 15b, has been issued a category B polluting activity permit for transshipment and storage of oil products.

East West Transit was incorporated in 1996 and has a registered capital of EUR 3.261 million. The company’s financial data for 2019 have not been published yet, but in 2018 it had a turnover of 163 million euros and a profit of 950,974 euros.

According to the company’s website, SIA “East-West Transit” is a company with local capital, which has been operating in the Latvian fuel market since 1996. Over time, cooperation was established with the state joint-stock company Latvijas nafta, and in the future East-West Transit operates under the trademark Latvijas nafta.

According to the archives of the agency LETA, at the end of 2018, East West transit operated a network of 46 filling stations, which consisted of 44 full-service filling stations and two automatic filling stations.

In the first half of this year, East-West Transit ranked 5th in the list of Latvia’s largest fuel retailers.

80% of East West transit belongs to Vasilevskis, but 20% – to Donatas Vaitaitis.


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