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The organizer of the demonstration against the corona measures organized on Saturday afternoon by the action group Netherlands in Revolt, was allegedly arrested Tuesday. That reports news partner DUIC based on a Facebook post.

On the Facebook-page The action group was posted on Tuesday that the leader of the Netherlands in Revolt, Tinus K., has been arrested for allegedly threatening the mayor.

The Central Netherlands police inform that a 38-year-old man from Utrecht has indeed been arrested, for the reason “online threat and insult”. According to a group of twenty sympathizers DUIC now collected for the police station at Paardenveld in Utrecht.

Nearly seventy arrests in Utrecht and Wageningen

The Netherlands in Revolt organized a demonstration in Utrecht on Saturday against the corona measures, such as the mandatory 1.5-meter distance. However, two days before the protest, the demonstration was banned by the municipality, as it was suspected that different groups of people wanted to use the demonstration to cause serious disturbances.

Nevertheless, several hundred participants came to Utrecht. Because the action group did not want the police to know where the protest would take place, the exact location was only announced fifteen minutes before the start. Many agents were already in town at that time.

In total, nearly 70 protesters were arrested in Utrecht and Wageningen, where a sort of spin-off of the demonstration was held later that afternoon.


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