Health Chris Hemsworth's method of transforming his physique (and invaluable...

Chris Hemsworth’s method of transforming his physique (and invaluable advice)


Chris Hemsworth has become one of the most popular faces in HollywoodAnd at 36 years of age, he does not lack work or proposals on the table after consolidating a career that began in 2009 under the command of JJ Abrahams participating in a film saga as mythical as Star Trek.

But it was the thunder god, Thor, the one that catapulted him to fame two years later. Since then, the career of the Australian actor, husband of Elsa Pataky, has been up and is currently in full swing. And, in addition to his recurring participation in superhero cinema, Hemsworth has also participated in films such as Brave 12, Bad Times at the Royale, Men In Black: Internactional and Extraction.

Now he is about to begin his preparation for the next shooting of a biopic about Hulk Hogan, which will broadcast Netflix. And the Australian warns. “I will have to increase my muscle mass much more than to date, even more than I needed to do for Thor“, explica Hemsworth a Men’s Health, who has always displayed an excellent physique, although it seems that this time he will have to redouble his efforts.

In any case, the Asutralian actor does not start from scratch as he always finds a way to complete at least 30 minutes of physical routine to burn fat and build muscle, which is his secret and the main recommendation he shares. “It’s about prioritizing what’s important. I have an incredibly busy life, but with only 20 or 30 minutes a day to train, I can already see the benefits, “says the Australian.

“If I can’t find those 20 or 30 minutes, then the rest of the day is uphill. Finding that time to train has a ripple effect on my energy and enthusiasm in everything I have to do. I recommend that people make an effort to find that time to do physical exercise since once you feel the benefits, it is difficult to ignore them.. I think it is relatively easy to find a place in the agenda for those 20 or 30 minutes, “adds the actor, whose recommendation is in line with international guidelines such as the WHO, which advocates completing 150 minutes a week of physical activity. moderate.

Chris Hemsworth’s training method

An example of what Hemsworth says is the method that he applies to his training and which is based on intense routines of 6 exercises, 6 repetitions and 6 rounds (about 20 minutes approximately), supervised Luke Zocchi, his personal trainer and fatigue partner.

6x6x6 routine

  • Deadlift with triceps extension (6 reps).
  • Row with TRX (6 reps).
  • Kettlebell press with stride (6 repetitions, with a weight appropriate to your needs).
  • Push-ups with rings (6 repetitions).
  • Squats on a Bosu with rubber bands on the arms (6 repetitions).
  • Medicine ball weight throw (6 repetitions).
  • The circuit must be completed 6 times with a rest time of 1 minute between them, but without rest between exercises.

“My philosophy when it comes to training with Chris is to try to make it as effective as possible because he is usually a very busy person and does not have much time. Depending on the type of role you play, we change the training approach, although we usually work a lot with functional training circuits and bodyweight exercises, although we also use weights and other elements “, concludes Zocchi.


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