Like rain on Earth, Raindrops on Titan, Saturn’s Moon are bigger Rain in other worlds in this universe to appear exotic. One of them, phenomenon rain of Titan, biggest month Saturn. Titan is the largest moon of the ringed planet Solar system this. Experts find droplets rain on Titan This is, for example, like liquid hydrocarbons that fall from the sky, then flow into river […]

The “ideal place” for the origin of life has been discovered in space

Photo: An artistic depiction of the surface of Titan Craters on cold Titan could have become the “cradle” for the origin of life, planetary scientists say. Scientists from the University of Campinas have found that conditions for the origin of life could arise on one of the largest moons of Saturn – Titan. Science. […]

The maximum sea depth of Saturn’s moon “Titan” is at least 300 meters | Niconico News

NASA / John Glenn Research Center Saturn moonsTitanIsSolar systemThe only satellite in the world with a dense atmosphere (nitrogen)methaneHave a circulation. It is also the only celestial body other than the Earth whose existence of a stable liquid has been clearly confirmed.  TitanLiquidmethaneIt has been confirmed that it is raining and the sea is present, […]

Titan Motorcycles Blue Falcon: an even wilder Yamaha MT-01 – News

The Yamaha MT-01 was the progenitor and also a bit the manifesto for theentire MT series of the Iwata house: presented as a concept in 1999 and born in 2004 under the sign of a refined and unique design, it has not had – in our market – a diffusion equal to its abundant aesthetic […]

Mission to Saturn Postponed Due to Coronavirus Impacts of NASA’s Budget

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – NASA mission to Saturn was postponed for a year due to budget problems arising from the pandemic corona virus Covid-19. Supposedly the mission called ‘Dragonfly’ is scheduled to launch in 2026. The mission to one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, is said to be stretched to 2027. NASA says changing the launch […]

In video, the sunsets on other worlds than the Earth

Have you ever wondered what a sunset from another place in the Solar system, like the distant Uranus where the Saturn moon Titan ? A planetologist from the It’s in has created a sunset simulation of The Sun is the closest star to Earth, from which it is about 150 million kilometers apart. The Sun […]

Titan is said to house many volcanic craters

Titan is the largest moon on the planet Saturn. Scientists have been interested in this satellite for years, mainly because of its similarities to Earth. A few years ago, images captured by the orbiter used by NASA as part of the Cassini mission made it possible to discover the presence of several formations resembling volcanoes […]

Titan is escaping from Saturn

Saturn is losing one of its moons. According to a recent survey, Titan would indeed be moving away from its host planet … at a speed a hundred times higher than expected. Titan is currently the largest satellite of Saturn. Discovered by a certain Christian Huygens on March 25, 1655, the moon is indeed 6% […]

Results of WWE Money in the Bank 2020

Photo credit: WWE This year WWE presents a special edition of Money in the Bank 2020 on May 10. The MITB Matches will take place from the Titan Tower in Stamford, WWE headquarters, where the Superstars will start on the ground floor and go up to the roof to unhook the briefcase. The other fights […]

How the young Titan escaped its destruction by Saturn

Until now, all numerical simulations have led to the formation of several Saturn moons the size of Titan, which were all quickly swallowed by the giant or survived, thus leaving at least two large satellites. For the first time, a scenario allows Titan to appear in the simulations while escaping, alone, from destruction. Build the […]