The Taliban are facing attacks from the Islamic State. He uses the same tactics as the ruling movement, writes Reuters – ČT24 – Czech Television

The August deadly assassination at Kabul Airport and a series of bombings in Jalalabad’s eastern city, attacks by a local branch of the Islamic State, underscore the security threat from militant groups rival relations with the Taliban. While Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahide downplays the threat, arguing that IS is not actually present in Afghanistan, field […]

The Taliban want diplomats to return to the country. We want to work together, he says

Taliban officials have called on Britain to return its diplomats to the country. According to the radical movement, good relations and international cooperation are important to them. The UN, meanwhile, has criticized human rights abuses there. In Afghanistan, embassies are now emptied and apparently hastily abandoned. The Taliban leadership wants the buildings to be filled […]

Martin Preiss: I’m a dad and a bit of a mom

You sweated completely at the food collection, probably because you loaded a cart full of things. How important is it for you to take part in such an event and why are you right here today? “I think it’s important at all times. I try to help in different ways, I contribute to People in […]