Bank of America alert: rising Brent may lead to a new global crisis | Markets

This Monday, the attention will return to the meeting between the oil-producing countries. The OPEC meeting comes with a barrel of Brent over $ 79 due to the rise in energy prices in Europe and the global tension in gas prices. The benchmark oil in Europe thus stands at levels not seen in three years […]

Summary of easy to drop holes, blood and tears in the http spec

Message queue Search engine Cache Sub – warehouse sub – Table Read-write separation Design of a highly simultaneous system Cache: RedisHigh availability : Design of very simultaneous systems : Distributed business systems, Is to use the original Java A large developed system, That’s it.Divided into several subsystems, Calls between several subsystems, Train the whole of […]

Scientific Explanation of Covid-19 Mutations Reduce Vaccine Efficacy – Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said the public did not need to worry if there was a virus mutation from Covid-19 that could reduce the vaccine’s efficacy. “The Mu variant is expected to affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. But there is no need […]

Esport 1 – All esports in 1 place! – Warzone

On the occasion of the Halloween event, this iconic character also pays homage to Verdanks. LOOK AT THE ESPORTGUR NOW! LEC European Championship 2021 LEC European Championship 2021 LIVE 1 0 0 0 0 0 As with The Haunting of Verdansk last year, Warzone developers are making a Halloween-themed event this year. According to a […]

What is the largest hotel suite in Latin America like

The largest presidential suite in Latin America It is located on the 22nd floor of the hotel Tivoli Mofarrej Sao Paulo. Members of royalty, government delegations and celebrities such as Donatella Versace, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga and Kenzo have chosen this room to spend their days in the city of Brazil. In the World Travel […]

27th Upu Congress: The “ Post of the future ” to accelerate financial inclusion

Jil-Alexandre N’Dia, Managing Director and co-founder of the Weblogy media group, publisher of the portal. (DR) Participant at 27e Congress of the Universal Postal Union (Upu) which has been held since August 9, at the Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire, Jil-Alexandre N’Dia, director general and co-founder of the media group Weblogy, publisher of the […]

New York museums now ask for “health pass”

The implementation of “health pass”, which reserves access to certain public places for people vaccinated against the coronavirus, cured or negative, gains ground in the world and has already been in force for weeks in Austria, Denmark and France, and from this Monday also in New York. From Monday, visitors to New York City museums, […]

Another vaccine donation is coming, but an idea that was there loses steam

On May 5, 2021, access vaccines against coronavirus it was still a complicated mission for most countries. That day, Joe Biden shocked the world when he supported the temporary release of patents. More than three months after that declaration, the events were in charge of returning the president of the United States to the path […]

The new class in action | NBA

The NBA is one of the best leagues in the world not only because of what happens in the regular season and in the playoffs, but because everything that surrounds the off-season is also extremely interesting. After the draft and the start of free agency, prior to the start of the season, all 30 franchises […]