1 Million Indian Covid-19 Patients Cure in 13 Days

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India on Tuesday (27/10/2020) said that the country recorded 1 million patients recovered from Covid-19 within 13 days. The ministry said India’s number of cases per 1 million and deaths per 1 million was among the lowest in the world. Also read: The Japanese government […]

Controversy over the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in France, #IStandWithFrance hashtag viral in India page all

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – When Muslim around the world protested and expanded their call to boycott the product France for President Emmanual Macron’s comments about Islam and filming Nabi Muhammad, tagar with different messages trending on India who are predominantly Hindu. Launch Al Jazeera on Tuesday (27/10/2020), #IStandWithFrance and #WeStandWithFrance were among the top trends […]

Trump Intensively Spreads Anti-China Understanding Ahead of the Presidential Election, Indonesia Becomes the Last Stop, India is Stuck in a Way Even though it Was Called ‘Dirty’ – All Pages

Sosok.ID – A week before the US presidential election in November, the President’s two top national security aides Donald Trump will visit India. Minister of Foreign Affairs United States of America (USA) Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper are coming to New Delhi on Tuesday (26/10/2020). The meeting will largely focus on countering […]

Fasting and praying for Trump to recover from Covid-19, this man dies

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – A man on India died, after he prayed and fasting order for US President Donald Trump get well soon from Covid-19. Buss Krishna, known as a big admirer of the 34th president of the US, died of a heart attack on Sunday (11/10/2020). The farmer from Telangana, India was recorded crying […]

7 people raped by women in India after their children were killed page all

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Sexual violence occurred again in India, where one woman raped by seven people after his son killed in front of him. The 28-year-old woman, who was not identified, was brutally attacked in Buxar District last Saturday (10/10/2020). Officer Manoj Kumar Pathak from the Murar Police said they moved after the victim’s […]

A low caste girl was raped and found covered in blood and paralyzed

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – A Dalit caste teenage girl who is presumed dead raped by four upper-caste men, sparking outrage from activists India, politicians, and Bollywood stars on Tuesday (29/09/2020). As many as 200 million Dalit people who are low caste in India, it has long experienced discrimination and harassment. Activists also say the number […]

Police in India Revealed to Have Wealth of IDR 141.2 Trillion

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Anti Body Corruption of India reportedly arrested one Police seniors, after he has a wealth of up to Rp 141.2 trillion. The law enforcer was identified as Asistem Commissioner Yelmakuri Narasimha Reddy, with assets worth 700 million rupees or Rp 141.2 trillion. Wealth it is known that after the invasion of […]

Has a new fighter jet, India tests to fly near the Chinese border

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Jet fighter Gust made in France India, tested flying near the border China on Monday (21/9/2020). A senior Air Force (AU) officer for “Bollywood Country” told the news agency AFP, India carried out “recognition” over its contested border with China. The region was the scene of deadly clashes between the armies […]