Continuously Crying During the Wedding Ritual, This Bride Died of a Heart Attack

NEW DELHI, – One bride and groom woman in Odisha State, India, died hit heart attack, because cry continues in ritual wedding. The incident was said to have occurred in Sonepur District, with the victim being identified as Gupteswari Sahu. Also read: Viral Video of the Bride Stripped of the Family for a Virginity […]

18 people die in landslide during funeral in New Delhi

Reuters New Delhi / 03.01.2021 18:13:33 At least 18 people who attended a funeral in North India died when a low ceiling the one who took refuge during heavy rains Collapsed Sunday afternoon, a police officer said. About 40 mourners had gathered under the shelter at a crematorium in Ghaziabad district when it collapsed, trapping […]

Family Stories with Fingerprintless Genetic Heritage from India page all

NEW DELHI, – Apu Sarker showed his palm.Everything seemed normal at first, but on closer inspection it had a smooth surface on the tips of its fingers. Apu, who is 22 years old, lives with his family in a village in the northern district of Rajshahi. He is currently working as a medical assistant. […]

With farmers all over the country; How many will you raid: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday lashed out at the Center for targeting farmers’ agents in Punjab through income tax raids and notices. He alleged that the central government was taking such steps to weaken the farmers’ protest. The Income Tax Department has issued notices to several farming agents in Punjab. The […]

Coronavirus in India surpasses 10 million

19 December 2020 58 The number of COVID infections in India surpasses 10 million, killing more than 1.4 lakh. Indian Ministry of Health COVID-19 cases report The country has already exceeded 10 million today (19 Dec), with the cumulative number of 10,004,599 after detecting 25,152 additional cases in the past 24 hours. Since Friday morning, […]

A Covid-19 sufferer is blind and paralyzed after being bitten by a black cobra

LONDON, – A father of British nationality became blind and lame in a hospital in India after being bitten by a snake, while battling a second attack corona virus. Ian Jones is a former health worker living on the Isle of Wight, England, with his family. Currently, he is in intensive care and away […]

Hospital patients in India raped by doctors and medical staff before being killed

NEW DELHI, – One patient 20 years old at hospital India reported raped by doctor and medical staff before being killed. Before dying in the incident in Manjhanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the victim confessed to her parents that she had been raped. When the victim’s father reported it to the hospital management, he got the […]