Actress Jayasree Ramaiah is dead | Jayashree Ramaiah | Bigg-Boss | Kannada | Manorama News

Bangalore: Kannada actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Jayashree Ramaiah has been found dead. He died at a rehabilitation center in Bangalore on Monday afternoon. Jayasree, who was suffering from depression, died on suspicion of suicide, national media reported. Jayasree had earlier posted on social media that he wanted to end his life. Jayasree became […]

Myanmar starts COVID-19 vaccination mission in Yangon – post today around the world

Myanmar begins COVID-19 vaccination mission in Yangon Date 25 January 2021 time 20:30 Myanmar was vaccinated a few days ago. And it is reported that Aung San Suu Kyi Minister of Foreign Affairs And the President’s office will receive the vaccine first. Along with medical personnel Myanmar’s Yangon region has begun a process of inviting […]

Hashtag # Hot Bael’s DJ Emergency decree

The hashtag #DJ Bael trending on Twitter The online world has criticized the DJ Makoum after knowing the party crowd.BirthdayDJ infectedCOVID-19 per number of 19 people, ready to question the arrangement of that party Violating Emergency decree The state should have penalties. after Dr. Opaskarn Kawinpong, MD. Director-General, Department of Krasong Disease Control State the […]

Netherlands busy! Mobs Riot Against Curfew Post Today Around the World

Netherlands busy! Mob riot against curfew On 25 January 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Netherlands rallies with throwing stars after state curfew measures Protesters have protested across the Netherlands against a curfew that the government announced a ban from 21:00 to 4.30 from January 23, sparking riots in major cities. The whole of Amsterdam With rocks […]