GOT7’s BamBam signs a contract with ABYSS Company and opens a new social media set.

Fans flock to congratulate When social media of Abyss Company Post a picture of BamBam– Kan Pimuk Phuwakun or BamBam GOT7 To confirm that Bambam has already signed an artist contract. On BamBam’s side Also retweeted a post on the Abyss Company page with the hashtag #ABYSSCOMPANY. To confirm another way In addition, BamBam also […]

K-Pop Fans Cancel Spotify Membership Because Many Songs Are Missing – A number of fans K-pop and musicians South Korea made angry because of the streaming giant music Spotify deleted many of their favorite songs on Sunday (28/2/2021). Several songs belonging to K-pop musicians such as Mamamoo, HyunA, Monsta X, as well as other South Korean hip-hop and R&B musicians were withdrawn due to […]

Kpop removed from spotify? (Music, K-pop)

Hi, I heard Jungkook’s relatively new song on Soundcloud again and asked myself: Why only on Soundcloud? What I mean is that you can simply upload songs to Spotify, but I can only listen to them as podcasts from users who upload the songs. Is there a reason why these songs are not uploaded as […]

‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’ Yoo Tae-oh “The first and last New Actor in my life”

Actor Yoo Tae-oh won the Best New Actor Award at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards.Yoo Tae-oh attended the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards held today (9th) and was honored with the Best New Artist Award for the movie’Vertigo’. The movie’Vertigo’ is a story about’Seo-young’ (Chun Woo-hee), an office worker in his 30s who endangers […]

Shuka, Budoknam and Shinsaimdang reveal how to make money at’mysterious record shop

Jang Yoon-jung and Kyu-hyun of’Mysterious Record Shop’ pour out questions about the emergence of economic YouTubers Shuka, Bu-read-nam, and Sin-Im-dang with 1 million subscribers. Their twinkling eyes full of selfishness catch the eye.On the 29th, the JTBC entertainment program’Baedal Gayo-Mysterious Record Shop’, three star economic youtubers with an average of 1 million subscribers, Shuka, Budoknam, […]