Lavrov rejects Zelensky’s peace formula, ‘an illusion’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 29 – Russia does not intend to talk to anyone on the basis of the “peace formula” proposed by Vladimir Zelensky, Kiev is not ready for dialogue: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview in Ria novosti. “It is evident that Kiev is not ready for dialogue. Zelensky is […]

Russian missiles on Ukraine, cities in blackout – World

Rain of Russian missiles on Ukraineexplosions also reported in Kiev and in Lviv (in western Ukraine), which is far from the front line, in Kharkiv, (east), Odessa (south), Sumy (northeast). Energy infrastructure is also targeted, with cities experiencing power outages and water supply problems. Anti-aircraft defense responds to raids. Kiev reports that it has shot […]

Capri-Hollywood, the island of cinema lights up – Cinema

Over sixty guests, 230 screenings including previews and reviews, Capri returns to the island of international cinema in winter and turns its lights back on: the 27th edition of “Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival” kicks off from 26 December with dedications specials to Peppino di Capri and the director Liliana Cavani (90 years […]

How Microscopes Work and Formulas to Learn – microscope formula – Formula Microscopy is a calculation method that you will find in science course material, to be more precise physics in the discussion of optical instruments. — As quoted from the book Integrated IPA VIII B for Junior High Schools and MTs, Agung Wijaya, GrasindoA microscope is an optical instrument that […]

“Some of us have been saying for some time that it is a formula for disaster”

Scientific researcher and disseminator José Miguel Mulet (Denia, Alicante, 1973), professor of Biotechnology (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology area) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has been warning about the limitations of organic farming for some time. Where he has analyzed this topic most profusely is in his book Comer sin Fear, but he has also […]

Halo system saved me, says Chinese pilot after horrific F1 crash

“It was a big accident and I’m glad I’m OK. The marshals and the medical team were fantastic at the track and responded quickly. I also have to thank the (international federation) FIA and Formula 1 for all the work they’ve done and are doing to improve the safety of our cars,” Chou Kuan-yu said […]

Fear of Schumacher. I’m fine, the pilot said after the terrifying carom

The qualification was interrupted by the red flag during the introductory part, when Nicholas Latifi sent his car to the barrier in turn number 13. “I don’t know what happened at all, but the back of the car suddenly went differently than I wanted,” shrugged the Williams pilot, who withstood the impact without consequences. After […]