Cleopatra the Conquering Woman, Life Full of Intrigue and Tragic End

loading… KAIRO – Cleopatra was born in 69 BC. She became the Queen Egypt when his father Ptolemy XII died in 51 BC. At that time also his brother was made King Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII were members of the Macedonian dynasty that ruled Egypt since the death of Alexander the Great in […]

“Contra” in the cinema: A conversation with Michaela Nilam Farooq

eO Beluup: „Ptenel Peokll“. Bel ZeOe pleOOl enp peO Peuphlll nup lpl lO Zetellpekeu nup luplpekeu pekl uelplellel. VBUI: Nn Beluup tottl Oll pel telele Goula uuu Pavoleu elu, pel kleQ Belnh. ZlteO Beluup: Zelu Beoe eleoktl Oll ploupla, pepp vll enp eluel GoulapteOltle pleOOeu. Ppel petel alpl ep helue Peteae. Beluup lpl elu Oekl […]

Tragic, these are 11 heads of state who were murdered by their own people

loading… WASHINGTON – A head of state who is killed by his own people is a tragic fate that can befall leaders everywhere. The assassination of a president, prime minister, or other world leader can resonate across the country. What is more tragic if they are killed by his own people who are upset or […]

The kilo of tomato, fifteen times more expensive in Japan than in Egypt

The Asian country has, along with South Korea, Puerto Rico and Switzerland, the highest prices of the most popular vegetables Japan is an expensive country in many ways. For example with regard to certain foods, such as vegetables. There, buying a kilo of tomatoes costs an average of five euros. With that money, almost 15 […]

Archaeologists say Mount Sinai where Moses received revelations is in Saudi Arabia

loading… RIYADH – According to the Bible, Musa at Mount Sinai received the Ten Commandments, a set of God-ordained principles. The mountain is considered a sacred place in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. However, many historians and archaeologists doubt its historicity, saying there is no conclusive evidence to prove its existence. “Mount Sinai, where the Prophet […]

Shalyapin’s ex-wife flashed a figure in a bikini

Alexey Zayakin As the business woman noted, she is not afraid of condemnation. Larisa Kopenkina. Photo: The ex-wife of the musician Prokhor Chaliapin, business lady Larisa Kopenkina, showed her forms in a bikini. The entrepreneur turned 66 this September, but she is not afraid to show her figure. A business woman is resting in […]

what we agreed on – UNIAN

The head of the Ukrainian state invited Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to visit Ukraine. The President of Egypt informed that Ukrainians make up the majority among foreign tourists in Egypt / Photo by the Office of the President of Ukraine President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held a telephone conversation with President of the Arab Republic of […]

Egypt to open two new tourist cities

Egypt is actively developing the tourism industry The city of Al-Galal is located in the north, about 100 km from Cairo, closer to the Red Sea, and Al-Alamin is on the Mediterranean coast near Alexandria. Two new tourist cities will appear in Egypt in the coming months. This was announced by the Minister of Tourism […]

Egypt coach sacked after 2 years unbeaten

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — National team coach Egypt Hossam El Badry sacked despite his two-year unbeaten run with the team. The dismissal came after Egypt drew 1-1 against Gabon in the Africa Zone 2022 World Cup Qualification Group F match on Monday (6/9) early morning WIB. Egypt now tops Group F in the Africa Zone […]