Kawasaki-like syndrome: New York puzzles over deadly childhood illness

After cases in Europe, unusually serious illnesses have now also been found in children in the USA. Symptoms are severe inflammation. It is still unclear whether there is a connection with the coronavirus. By Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio New York At least 38 boys and girls in New York have an unknown syndrome. Three children died […]

▷ New York state decriminalizes marijuana use – Baden-Württemberg …

04.09.2019 – 05:30 Pirate Party Germany StuttgartStuttgart (ots) New York state has decriminalized recreational marijuana use, meaning that possession of small amounts of the drug is punishable by fines, not jail. [1] With that, eleven US states and the District of Columbia have now fully legalized recreational marijuana use since Colorado in 2014, according to […]

Coronavirus in New York: “We are the epicenter of the USA”

The infection rate is also rising in New York – there are currently 30,000 infected people, the number of deaths is almost 300. The authorities are trying to prevent a collapse of the health system. By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York Times Square – almost deserted. The Brooklyn Bridge – Tourist Free. The luxury boutiques […]

Soup kitchens in New York: “Everyone comes here”

It is estimated that one in four New Yorkers now does not have enough money to eat healthily over the long term. How the pandemic is ramping up hunger and poverty in one of the richest cities in the world. By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York The Masbia Soupkitchen in Flatbush is a mixture of […]

US election campaign on Staten Island: The “Swing State” in New York

Neither US President Trump nor challenger Biden can bet on getting a majority in New York’s fifth district, Staten Island. Both camps are almost equally strong. The followers are conciliatory towards each other. By Christiane Meier, ARD Studio New York You have to leave Manhattan behind to visit New York’s fifth borough, Staten Island. 20 […]

Car insurance: a change could be worthwhile

The price war has started: these days, motor insurers are using special offers to attract customers who are willing to advertise. Drivers can cancel their policies until the end of November. This year, changing insurance should be particularly worthwhile – because of Corona. From Notker Blechner, boerse.ARD.de Good news not only for accident statisticians: Because […]

New York: Short Trial with Weinstein

The trial of former Hollywood film producer Weinstein in New York is progressing faster than expected. The accused definitely sees chances of success – also thanks to his aggressive lawyer. By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York The media interest is huge. And the expectations are perhaps even higher: Because the Weinstein case got the global […]