UK government announces tougher stance against illegal immigrants

EPA News from the NOS•yesterday, 22:58 The British Interior Minister announced on the third day of the Conservative Party Congress that he would further tighten asylum policy. The intention is that no one who enters the country illegally can apply for asylum. “If you enter our country illegally from a safe country, you should be […]

Can food additives be harmful to health?

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Presenter fainted during British Conservative leadership debate

– TalkTV/The Sun’s Showdown: The Battle for No.10/Reuters – NOS News•today, 01:07 — The second debate over the British Conservative leadership election has ended early because presenter Kate McCann fainted during the broadcast. The debate was organized by the newspaper The Sun and the British channel TalkTV. – The broadcast was interrupted halfway through when […]

Trump continues to rule – El Financiero

It is not only governed from the presidency. Decisions made by presidents during their term can have political and legal consequences far beyond their official term. Donald Trump governed a single four-year term, but his decisions will continue to have important consequences in the daily lives of Americans for twenty years or more. Since the […]

La Jornada – Johnson’s Conservatives lose key councils in London

London. Britain’s Conservatives lost major London constituency councils on Friday in a local election with test value for Boris Johnson, who despite being weakened by scandals could survive if the main opposition party gets mixed results. The Labor Party, the leading opposition force, gained control of the highly symbolic Westminster district, the seat of British […]

Britney Spears Free, Court Officially Terminates Conservatory

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Britney Spears finally free. Conservatives called the singer Toxic it as a nightmare was officially discontinued on Friday (12/11). A Los Angeles court approved proceedings to end the controversial guardianship that has controlled pop star Britney Spears’ life for the past 13 years. “Effective today, the conservatory of trust and property […]

Europe: British Labor Party conference: “Make Brexit work”

It is well known that one cannot choose one’s family. You can make enemies. The British saw themselves ahead of their party conference this week Labour Party – which always saw itself as a big family, to which the trade unions also belong – before an ordeal. The centrifugal forces of the various camps are […]