The Impact of Aerodynamics on Automobile Design

The Impact of Aerodynamics on Automobile Design

Title: The Evolution of Aerodynamics in Automobile Design Subtitle: How Chrysler’s Airflow Sedan Revolutionized Automotive Engineering Date: October 18, 2023 In ‍the years leading up⁤ to World War II, Europe gradually⁣ abandoned separate chassis in⁢ favor of lighter and simpler unitary bodies, while the ‌United States clung to orthodox frame designs. It ⁣wasn’t ⁢until the‍ […]

“Stellantis to Lay Off 3,500 Workers in the US, According to UAW Report”

Jakarta – Parent Jeep and Chrysler, Stellantis will layoffs approximately 3,500 workers in the United States (US). This is based on a report by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. “This automaker is looking to reduce its hourly workforce and is offering an incentive package that includes US$50,000 in severance pay or around Rp.741 million […]

Five major car brands whose future is in question

These manufacturers may disappear from the map very soon Car brands come and go. For some of them, many people suffer and feel as if they have lost something valuable. Some brands carry cultural weight with them and leave a void in their wake. Almost no one can think of others. The new conditions in […]