How now, minus Parimatch?

Personally, I have not gambled since September 1966. Then I lost 18 kopecks in “chika” to my classmate Sasha Petrovsky, after which I promised myself never to play for money, which I still adhere to. But where do you go from those gambling games when they climb into your eyes from every crack in the […]

“The only wish is that they all die!” – Nikolay Nesenyuk about the Russians after another missile attack on the cities of Ukraine

Well-known journalist Nikolai Nesenyuk spoke about another massive missile strike by a lousy unfinished country called “Russia” against Ukraine. Mykola Nesenyuk “Someone will be unlucky… So I think every time I hear an air raid signal announcing another “massive attack” by enemy missiles on Ukrainian territory. I have almost forgotten the shock experienced after the […]

Park Shin Hye Gives Birth, Calling for Baby Boy Choi Tae Joon is Gemoyed! – Park Shin Hye gave birth first child from wedding withChoi Tae Joon “>Choi Tae Joon. As is known, Park Shin Hye andChoi Tae Joon “>Choi Tae Joon is officially married after dating for five years. Park Shin Hye announced her pregnancy in November 2021, along with the news that she claimed to be […]

Happy! Jessica Iskandar gives birth to her second child, a boy

Jakarta – Happy news came from the beautiful artist Jessica Iskandar, Mother. Jessica has reportedly given birth to her first child, a boy on Saturday (7/5/2022). This was shared directly by her husband, Vincent Verhaag on his Instagram page, Mother. Until now, the name of the little baby from the woman who is familiarly called […]