In Austria, revealed a large-scale scheme for the transfer of migrants

Photo: Out of hundreds of migrants, about a third have applied for asylum in Austria Drivers were hired in Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, offering them a monthly salary of up to 3,000 euros. The Austrian police uncovered a network of smugglers who smuggled over 700 illegal migrants into the country. Most of them continued […]

Winter sports seem further away than ever due to omikron variant, …

Amsterdam – Now that Switzerland has also taken strict entry measures, winter sports seem further away than ever. A thick layer of snow will fall in the Alps in the coming days, but every popular ski country has now taken measures that make it unattractive for Dutch winter sports enthusiasts to go to the mountains. […]

Tens of thousands protest in Austria against compulsory vaccination

The government in Vienna wants to introduce a general compulsory vaccination in February. A draft law with details of the regulation is to be presented in the second week of December. A lockdown has been in effect across the country since last Monday. There were already mass demonstrations last weekend because of the measures in […]

Mandatory vaccination. Austria was the first to decide

Austria closed for quarantine Austria will become the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory vaccinations from February 2022. Vaccination against coronavirus is becoming mandatory. Austria was the first to take such a step. Although previously the local government has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of compulsory vaccination against coronavirus, but suddenly changed its position. […]

‘We are corona suckers’ – Policy

What applied then, also applies now: the vaccine is the only real weapon against corona, certainly in anticipation of powerful virus inhibitors. It is the backbone of a policy that should also include good ventilation in buildings and an efficient testing and quarantine approach, although these can be classified under until further notice under wishful […]

Man dies after contracting COVID-19 at anti-vaccine party

Photo: Screenshot The man dies after the coronavirus party “anti-vaccinators” Opponents of covid vaccination are throwing special parties at which people who do not want to be vaccinated can contract the coronavirus. In Austria, one person has died, three more are in intensive care after attending “coronavirus parties” where people tried to get sick with […]

Man dies after coronavirus party of “anti-vaccinators” – UNIAN

Vaccination opponents hold special meetings where people who do not want to be vaccinated can contract the coronavirus. The man died after contracting the coronavirus at a party against vaccination / Photo from UNIAN In Austria, one person has died and others are in intensive care after visiting. “coronavirus parties“where people tried to get sick […]

Germany prepares to take more drastic measures in the face of the wave of infections

First modification: 23/11/2021 – 14:38 The increasing occupation of intensive care beds in a population that has a vaccination rate below 70% is leading the authorities to take new coercive measures. The mandatory vaccination, as in neighboring Austria, is no longer a taboo. With Sergio Correa, RFI correspondent in Berlin The number of cases has […]

Riots erupt in European countries to protest the Corona Lockdown

Jakarta – Case Covid-19 in some countries experienced a spike that led to the decision to tighten restrictions. However, this rule actually led to riots. Demonstrations took place in several European countries. Residents protested the lockdown rules set by each government. Not a few actions that led to riots that made a number of people […]

Vienna takes over four Salzburg Covid-19 intensive care patients – coronavirus –

23.11.2021 20:10 (Akt. 23.11.2021 20:10) In Salzburg there are already 45 seriously ill patients on ICUs © APA / THEME PICTURE In Salzburg in particular, the coronavirus situation in hospitals is getting worse. Vienna is now taking on four intensive care patients from Salzburg. Two are to be flown to the federal capital on Wednesday, […]