Electricity and gas bill sting from 1st October 2020

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, a strong is expected rebound in tariffs energy, in particular for the electricity and gas bills. For families in greater protection, the increase will be in the order of + 15.6% for electricity with an increase of + 11.4% for the gas component. As Arera communicates, however, these are physiological increases […]

Beke counters criticism of lack of funds for waiting list …

Flemish Minister of Welfare Wouter Beke had to defend himself in the Flemish Parliament on Wednesday against the criticism that the Flemish government is not making enough extra resources available for the waiting lists for people with a disability. Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon launched the recovery plan in his September statement on Monday ‘Flemish […]

US presidential debate chaotic, spot gold price closed down 0.3% to US $ 1,892 per troi ounce

ILLUSTRATION. Gold price scored its worst monthly performance after dropping 4% in September 2020 Source: Reuters | Editor: Anna Suci Perwitasari KONTAN.CO.ID – NEW YORK. Spot gold prices closed slightly lower on Wednesday (29/9) trading. The negative catalyst for gold came after a chaotic first US presidential debate pushed investors into the United States dollar (US). […]

most of the power goes to Microsoft – The Daily Standard

Today the largest wind farm in the Netherlands has opened in the Wieringermeer. A big party for those closely involved, of course, because the park has the capacity to generate electricity for almost 400,000 households. However, by far most of this flow goes to a Microsoft data center. Dutch households therefore do not benefit from […]

Credit Card Bye – your money is engraved on the palm of your hand

The “palm of the hand” in humans constitutes a “unique signature” for each of them, according to what was discovered by the American technology giant Amazon, which prompted it to create a payment method that is the easiest in the world by exploiting this feature. Amazon unveiled a new biometric contactless payment technology that allows […]

Tesla will launch Model 3 with cobalt-free batteries soon

American automaker Tesla is on the verge of starting sales of China-made Model 3 electric vehicles with cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, Reuters reported, citing informed sources. According to them, the start of sales may be announced as early as Thursday. Currently, the Model 3 electric sedans produced at the company’s Shanghai plant use […]

A4 Krakow – Katowice. Price list, increases from October 1, 2020

From Thursday, drivers will pay more for the A4 motorway between Katowice and Krakow. The increases will apply to vehicles from the first category, i.e. passenger cars. The change in fees applies only to vehicles in the first category, i.e. cars with two axles. The fee will increase from PLN 10 to PLN 12 at […]

The corona infection took a boat to and from Trondheim

The case is being updated. One of the passengers on route 800/805 between Trondheim and Brekstad has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, writes FosenNamsos sjø. The passenger travels on Friday 25 September with departure from Brekstad at 10.35 and departure from Trondheim at 14.45. – For travelers on these departures, it is recommended to […]