“Microsoft Flight Simulator” officially supports VR functions to enhance the player’s air flight experience “Microsoft Flight Simulator”

Microsoft announced that its “Microsoft Flight Simulator》The support for virtual reality (VR) is officially opened, and players will be able to experience flying in the air more immersively.   《Microsoft Flight Simulator》The long-awaited VR function has been officially launched, and the development team’s goal is to support all VR devices as much as possible, including Windows […]

The best present for the festival? A loan!

24.12.20 My shop in Corona times The best present for the festival? A loan! Janine Werth is standing in the door of her shop, Dear Friends, in downtown Hamburg. The lockdown is “sad routine” for them. Photo: Roland Magunia / Ninth part of the series: How the Hamburg entrepreneur Janine Werth steers her business through […]

Biological method approved for delivery by only single trucks and motorcycles… Processing without collecting opinions from the damaged industry

The Living Logistics Service Development Act, which recognizes only trucks and motorcycles as means of delivery and delivery, passed the National Land Transportation Committee on the 24th. Related industries are protesting against the’New Industry Development Hindering Act’, which puts not only the delivery of cars and bicycles that are still in use, but also the […]

SGN lawyers (Riffart and colleagues) from Munich

Lawyer Peter Riffart Peter Riffart was born in Munich on December 2, 1955. He completed his legal training at the University of Munich. He has been working as a lawyer in Munich since 1988. He is Specialist lawyer for insurance law and member of the German Lawyers ‘Association and the Insurance Law Working Group of […]

Alibaba, Chinese authorities launch antitrust investigation – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BEIJING, DECEMBER 24 – The Chinese antitrust authorities have launched an investigation into Alibaba Group for “suspected monopolistic practices”. This was reported by the State Administration for Market Regulation, officially targeting the e-commerce giant co-founded by Jack Ma. Financial regulators will also hold “supervision and guidance” talks with Ant Group, Alibaba’s fintech company, […]

Lockdown boosts supermarket turnover to record | Financial

Consumers filled their shopping carts more than ever last week. Ⓒ ANP / HH Rotterdam – The forced closure of non-essential stores and the hospitality industry has delivered record sales for the supermarket sector. Last week, the first of a five-week lockdown, the supers turned in $ 1.02 billion. This means that the old top […]

Video: Phones will be suspended within days, and the WhatsApp application will not work

Information security and technology communication expert Walid Hajjaj announced that Apple’s ios operating system has reached update 14.2, and therefore devices that have the version that precedes ios9 will not work on the WhatsApp application. He added, through a telephone intervention in the Today program that is broadcast on the DMC channel, and said that […]