Russia Will Not Be Merciful, The European Union Wants To Drop A New ‘Bomb’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The European Union plans to hit Russia with new sanctions ahead of the anniversary of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. This was stated directly by the Chairperson of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during her visit to Kyiv, Thursday (2/2/2023). “We will introduce with our G7 partners additional price limits […]

Zelensky censored. And Fedez… the scandal explodes in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Specchia January 31, 2023 Imagine the scene. The director of Rai Entertainment Stefano Coletta, with that veiled air of embarrassment of a gentleman from another era, call Volodymur Zelensky: «Um, hello Vol, I can call you Vol, right?… Ok Vol, no problem: you can come to Sanremo, we’ll send you on the air late […]

Beware of Madness War, Putin Takes ‘Great Revenge’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian President Vladimir Putin had embarked on a “great revenge” for the resistance of his troops. Zelensky had warned for weeks that Moscow was aiming to step up its offensive in Ukraine after two months of stalemate along a front stretching across the south and east. […]

Zelensky: Ukraine needs to get more weapons faster | Ukrainian president | Russo-Ukrainian war | Wagner mercenaries

[The Epoch Times, January 30, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Chen Ting)president of ukraineZelenskyOn Sunday (January 29), Ukraine urgently needed new weapons and hoped that Western countries would speed up delivery to deal with the difficult situation of the Russian army’s continuous attacks in the Donetsk region. “The situation is very serious. In Bakhmut, […]

‘Mostly’ Ask, Germany Refuses to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ukraine’s hopes of getting more advanced weaponry from its Western allies to use against Russia have met with a bump from Germany. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reiterated that Germany would not send fighter jets to Ukraine Meanwhile, Scholz was recently to deliver 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other […]

Ukrainian President Zelensky: I’m not sure if Putin is alive

Original title: Ukrainian President Zelensky: I am not sure if Putin is still alive and who is the decision maker in Russia Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told a meeting of the World Economic Forum on January 19 that he was not sure whether Russian President Vladimir Putin was alive and a policymaker in Russia. Zelensky […]

Repeated replacement of commanders Analysis: Putin is annoyed and dissatisfied with Ukrainian resistance – yqqlm

Original title: Repeated replacement of commanders analysis: Putin is annoyed and dissatisfied with Ukrainian resistance Analysts pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin once again replaced the commander of the Russia-Ukraine war, showing that he is annoyed by Ukraine’s resistance and growing impatient with the Russian army’s delay in winning the war. Russia announced that […]