New documents show that Wuhan researchers wanted to release virus-modified particles into bat populations to vaccinate them

A year and a half before the first cases of COVID-19, Chinese and American researchers submitted plans to release penetrating nanoparticles into the skin and aerosols containing “new spike-chimeric proteins” of coronaviruses in caves in Yunnan Province. They also intended to create genetically modified chimera viruses to make them more infectious to humans, and put […]

US Funds Experiment In Wuhan, Allegedly To Change The Corona Virus To Infect Humans – The latest collection of documents obtained by the United States’ leading investigative media, The Intercept, revealing that the US government has funded research corona virus from Wuhan, China. One part of the research is thought to be an experiment to change the corona virus so that it can infect humans. The Intercept, on […]

Wuhan Lab Virus Expert Explains Why Covid-19 Continues to Mutate

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A virologist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Shi Zhengli said that new variants of Covid-19 will continue to emerge because the increase in the number of infections gives the virus more opportunities to mutate. Shi Zhengli is a researcher who has been dubbed China’s “bat woman” for being the first […]

Covid-19 Called Leaking from Wuhan Lab Before September 2019

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Allegations of laboratories in China being the origin of the Covid-19 virus re-emerging. The accusation this time comes from a report by the US Republican Party. The report, released on Monday, has yet to be reached by US intelligence agencies. It contains a wealth of evidence that the Wuhan Institute of […]

There is Strong Evidence of Corona Virus from China Lab

Washington – Former Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, believe that corona virus comes from a laboratory in China. He also said America should ask Chinese leaders to be open and honest about the origins of COVID-19. “Evidence strongly indicates that the coronavirus jumped out of a Chinese laboratory,” Pence said at an […]